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LPG Cylinders

LPG Cylinders

Powerstrip Industries’ LPG Cylinder Testing Laboratory, including an LPG refurbishment and disposal station, is fully IANZ accredited and can process all sizes of LPG cylinders         (2 kg to 90 kg) and fork-hoist cylinders.


Your LPG cylinders may simply require testing only, or they may need valve replacements or full refurbishment.

We can completely strip and re-paint a cylinder to your requirements or offer cylinders for sale already refurbished.


90 kg LPG cylinders in for testing 

An example of larger size cylinders

Forkhoist cylinders awaiting testing 

Scuba tanks received for refurbishing

9 kg cylinders received for refurbishment 

9 kg cylinders following refurbishment

Powerstrip Cylinder Testing Laboratory personnel are certified gas handlers and fillers and are fully versed in all aspects of LPG cylinder testing and certification.

LPG Cylinders can now be tested, refurbished and certified in the one place – at our premises in 7 Gabador Place, Mount Wellington, Auckland. Bring it in to us and your old cylinder can look like new again!


Cylinder Testing station

Cylinders being prepared for testing

We sell a variety of cylinders 2-9 kg.

We can sometimes cater for large quantities – please enquire.

Powerstrip’s Cylinder Testing Station operates a FREE cylinder drop off and disposal service, rather than sending them to landfill or donating them to the council!               

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