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Powerstrip Industries was established in 1991 as a facility to fully recondition transformer cooling radiators. Operating from 7 Gabador Place, in Mt Wellington (Auckland), we employ modern systems, in line with common practices overseas.

Our services have since expanded to incorporate the stripping and refurbishing of all types of metals, extrusions and components, which is now a key function of our business.

We now have 17 plus years experience in stripping and refurishing the exterior surfaces of transformer radiators and in flushing and cleaning them internally.

Our staff have a wide background of expertise in the heavy duty coatings and engineering fields and our clients include major energy contractors and providers NZ-wide.

 The new LPG Cylinder Testing Laboratory set up in 2011 is fully IANZ accredited and our Testing Lab staff are fully certified and versed in all aspects of LPG cylinder testing and valve replacement.

Our premises at 7 Gabador Place, Mount Wellington


Aluminium Extrusions being loaded with the Gantry Crane

Customer service is a priority and we pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality of performance.

We value customer feedback and endeavour to always meet time constraints, although sometimes a job may take a bit longer than anticipated because of the nature of the coating being removed and, if the base metal is steel, the degree of corrosion present, which determine the time an item must spend in our stripping and acid baths respectively.



We can divide our stripping business into two categories – aluminium and steel. Jobs come in all shapes and sizes and our tanks can accommodate items up to 6m long and 1m wide. Sometimes oversize items can be accommodated in different tanks or by utilising different stripping methods, so if in doubt, please ask us about what you have.


Examples of the items we strip paint and power-coating from are:

  • Bicycle frames
  • Car doors and guards etc
  • Engine components

  • Radiators and intercoolers
  • Store shelving and racking
  • Refrigeration panels
  • Paint-line jigs
  • Aluminium extrusions and so on.


Virtually anything made from metal can be stripped of paint in our tanks with our chemical dip immersion process. We can also remove the likes of:

  • Ink
  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Oil residue
  • Carbon-build
  • Galvanizing
  • Lacquer


The filter presses we use for removing and recycling wastes and contaminants generated during the stripping process

Refurbished LPG cylinders awaiting distribution

If you have something unusual, you only need to enquire about it and we can always trial the item to see whether one of the variety of stripping processes we have available would be successful with it. Powerstrip Industries’ policy is, and always has been, that if we can’t strip your product then there will be no charge.

The LPG Cylinder Testing Laboratory set up by Powerstrip Industries in 2011 is fully IANZ accredited and our Testing Lab staff are fully certified and versed in all aspects of LPG cylinder testing and valve replacement.


Do you have a metal item that needs stripping, cleaning, pickling, rust treatment or complete refurbishment?

Do you wish to enquire about our LPG bottle testing or refurbishment service?

Have you got old, out of test, LPG cylinders to be disposed of?

Are you interested in purchasing recycled 2-9 kg cylinders in as new `condition`, at a cost-effective price?

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